Promoting Electrical Safety: Tips and Guidelines for Consumer Units

Promoting Electrical Safety: Tips and Guidelines for Consumer Units


Consumer units are commonly used electrical systems worldwide. They are available in all the buildings and are also known as fuse boxes or distribution boards. And most importantly, they assist in the safe control and distribution of electricity throughout your home.

With that being said, it is still an electrical hazard. And if you’re someone who prioritizes their health and well-being, you will certainly admire these tips to safeguard yourself from hazardous situations. Let’s learn something new today: 

Starting With The Components 

First, you need to understand what is in a consumer unit. A consumer unit controls the main power supply to a building (or a house). You can also call it the control box. It will have a main switch or lever to cut off the complete power supply of the building.

Similarly, it will either have fuses or circuit breakers to control overflow and extra voltage. In such cases, it will cut off the electricity. MCBs and fuse also prevent shock circuits and harm to your appliances. In some consumer units, you will find a combination of circuit breakers and fuses

To donate what each circuit or switch does and what each wire resembles, there are usually labels. By reading the labels, you can easily learn which part of the consumer unit controls what. This helps you in diagnosis and other situations. 

The Residual Current Devices (RCDs) – An Extra Safety Layer 

Many consumer units also come with RCDs. These help you protect against electric shocks. What it does is that if there’s any kind of leakage of electricity (from a faulty or damaged wire or any other reason), it will disconnect the power supply. 

This can help mitigate potential accidents as long as you aren’t going above the load or limits set in the RCDs. Modern RCDs are able to monitor currents and work accordingly. 

Secure The Labels 

If your circuit board or consumer unit doesn’t have labels, contact a professional today to get them labelled. This is the first step to safety, especially in situations when you might have to control the power supply. 

Safety Starts With Maintenance 

The best thing you can do for your consumer unit is to ensure that it is well-maintained. If you want, you can check once a month or once a week. Check for any kind of wear or tear, damage, rust, corrosion, or anything else. If you suspect anything, contact an expert.

Upgrading Is A Good Choice 

If you think that you have an old consumer unit and need to upgrade, feel free to do that. Make sure to invest in top-grade and high-quality units to last you for at least a decade. If you have an old or worn-out consumer unit, then you should definitely get it replaced. 

Avoid The Overload 

Make sure to not plug in too many plugs in a single socket. Don’t rely on extensions too much, as they can lead to issues. It is better to invest in more sockets directly connected to the electrical unit. And finally, make sure to always adhere to safety regulations and comply with the protocols. 

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