Ricordami vs. Dose of Roses: Which Flowers to Choose...

Ricordami vs. Dose of Roses: Which Flowers to Choose and Why?


The preserved rose has emerged as a symbol of both beauty and timelessness in the area of luxury gifts. Among the myriad of brands that have ventured into this elegant space, Ricordami and Dose of Roses stand out, each carving their unique paths in the hearts of luxury seekers. This article aims to explore these two brands, delving into their distinct approaches and offerings, to guide those who are in pursuit of the perfect preserved rose experience.


Brand Rundown

Ricordami: An Ode to Italian Craftsmanship

Ricordami transcends the traditional concept of preserved roses, offering an experience that is steeped in emotion and memory. The brand’s name itself, meaning “Remember Me” in Italian, speaks volumes about its philosophy. Each creation is more than just a floral arrangement; it’s a piece of art that embodies Italian elegance. The use of authentic Italian leather and suede in their designs adds a layer of sophistication, making each arrangement a luxurious keepsake. The signature red stripe of Ricordami is not merely a design element but a testament to the brand’s dedication to luxury and detail.

Dose of Roses: Embracing Diversity and Accessibility

In contrast, Dose of Roses prides itself on its extensive variety and accessibility. While it may not exude the same Italian charm as Ricordami, it has made a name for itself by catering to a wide array of tastes and budgets. The brand’s strength lies in its ability to offer something for everyone, from classic arrangements to more contemporary designs, ensuring that every customer finds their perfect match.

Result: Despite Dose of Roses presenting a more extensive variety, Ricordami elevates the art of preserved rose arrangements with its dedication to high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. We see Ricordami as the more upscale brand, guaranteeing that gifts from them will undoubtedly leave a memorable and lasting impact on those who receive them.

Important Details

Ricordami’s Signature Traits

Italian Elegance: The brand’s commitment to incorporating genuine Italian leather and suede in its arrangements brings a unique Italian essence to its products.

Signature Design: The iconic red stripe on Ricordami products is a symbol of the brand’s meticulous attention to luxury and detail.

A Promise of Longevity: Offering a lifetime warranty on their arrangements, Ricordami stands confidently behind the durability and quality of its products.

Dose of Roses’ Unique Appeal

Variety in Offerings: The brand’s extensive range, featuring various shapes, colors, and designs, ensures that it caters to a wide spectrum of preferences.

Affordable Elegance: With regular promotions and competitive pricing, Dose of Roses brings the luxury of preserved roses to a broader audience.


Warranties, Shipping, and Returns

Ricordami’s Superior Customer Service

Unmatched Lifetime Warranty: Ricordami sets itself apart with a lifetime warranty on its preserved rose arrangements, a bold testament to their confidence in the quality and longevity of their products. This warranty underscores their commitment to customer satisfaction and trust in their craftsmanship.

Hassle-Free Return Policy: Ricordami also offers a hassle-free return policy for non-arrangement items, ensuring that customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of their service.

Efficient Shipping: The brand prides itself on its efficient shipping processes, ensuring that the luxury of Ricordami roses is delivered with the same quality with which it’s crafted.

Dose of Roses’ Approach to Customer Care

No Warranty, But Responsive: Dose of Roses does not offer a warranty on its products, but they are known to be responsive in addressing issues with defective or damaged items.

Store Credit for Returns: The brand offers returns in the form of store credit, providing customers with options, albeit less flexible than a direct refund.

Shipping Terms and Conditions: While generally efficient, Dose of Roses’ shipping can be subject to delays, indicating an area for improvement in terms of delivery consistency.

Result: Again, Ricordami rises to the forefront, distinguishing itself with its unparalleled lifetime warranty. This exceptional warranty is a testament to their product’s superior quality, providing confidence that your purchase is secure and your gift will stand the test of time.

Customer Feedback

Ricordami’s Glowing Reputation

High Praise from Customers: Ricordami enjoys a stellar reputation, as evidenced by its high rating on Trustpilot and numerous five-star reviews. Customers frequently commend the brand for its luxurious materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and attentive customer service.

A Testament to Quality and Trust: The overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers serves as a testament to Ricordami’s reliability and the high esteem in which it is held.

Dose of Roses’ Varied Customer Experiences

Inconsistent Reviews: Dose of Roses has received mixed feedback, with some concerns raised about shipping delays and product quality inconsistencies.

Opportunities for Growth: These reviews suggest that while the brand offers variety and accessibility, there is room for enhancement in customer service and product consistency.

Result:Ricordami consistently outshines in customer satisfaction, frequently receiving commendations for its exceptional product quality and customer service. While Dose of Roses has its merits with positive feedback, it struggles with maintaining consistent product standards and managing shipping issues effectively. These considerations are vital for potential buyers to weigh in their decision-making.



When it comes to choosing between Ricordami and Dose of Roses, the decision ultimately rests on what one values in a luxury gift. Ricordami emerges as the clear winner for those who seek an unparalleled blend of luxury, quality, and lasting impression. With its commitment to Italian elegance, exceptional craftsmanship, and a customer-centric approach, Ricordami not only promises but delivers an experience that is both memorable and enduring.

While Dose of Roses offers a commendable range of options and more accessible pricing, it falls short in the realms of customer service and consistent quality. For those who prioritize a wider selection and affordability, it remains a viable choice, albeit with some potential compromises.

In conclusion, Ricordami stands out as the epitome of luxury in the preserved rose market. It represents not just a product, but a legacy of enduring beauty and elegance, making it the preferred choice for discerning customers who seek the very best in luxury floral gifting.



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Ricordami vs. Dose of Roses: Which Flowers to Choose and Why?

The preserved rose has emerged as a symbol of...

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