GamesGamified e-learning platform Kahoot gets acquired in a $1.7B...

Gamified e-learning platform Kahoot gets acquired in a $1.7B deal led by Goldman Sachs, Lego and more


Kahoot, the popular gamified e-learning platform that has revolutionized the way students and educators engage in learning, is making headlines with its recent acquisition in a remarkable $1.7 billion deal. Led by financial giant Goldman Sachs and joined by renowned toy manufacturer Lego and other investors, this acquisition is set to create new opportunities and possibilities for the platform’s future growth.

The Rise of Kahoot

Kahoot, founded in 2013 by Johan Brand, Jamie Brooker, and Morten Versvik, quickly captured the imagination of educators and learners alike. The platform introduced a playful and interactive approach to education, transforming traditional classroom learning into an exciting game-based experience.

With Kahoot’s user-friendly interface, teachers could design quizzes, surveys, and interactive presentations, while students actively participated in the learning process through their smartphones, tablets, or computers. The gamified nature of the platform made learning engaging, fostering healthy competition and collaboration among students.

Goldman Sachs Leads the Acquisition

In a significant move that highlights the potential of the e-learning industry, Goldman Sachs led the acquisition of Kahoot. The investment bank recognized the platform’s far-reaching impact on education and the increasing demand for innovative digital learning solutions. The acquisition represents a strategic investment by Goldman Sachs to diversify its portfolio and tap into the rapidly growing edtech market.

Lego Joins the Consortium

In a notable addition to the acquisition consortium, Lego, the iconic toy company known for its creative and educational products, also participated in the deal. Lego’s involvement signals its interest in the digital learning space and its commitment to supporting interactive and engaging educational experiences.

The collaboration between Kahoot, Goldman Sachs, and Lego could lead to exciting possibilities, combining the strengths of each entity to further enhance the platform’s offerings and expand its reach.

The $1.7 Billion Deal and Its Implications

The $1.7 billion acquisition is a testament to Kahoot’s significant impact on the e-learning landscape. It reflects the growing recognition of the value that gamified learning brings to classrooms and remote learning environments alike.

For Kahoot, this deal provides the platform with substantial financial resources to accelerate its growth and development. With the support of Goldman Sachs and Lego, Kahoot can invest in research and development, expand its content library, and explore new avenues to enhance the learning experience for users worldwide.

The Future of Kahoot

As Kahoot integrates into the Goldman Sachs and Lego ecosystem, educators and students can look forward to even more exciting features and improvements. The gamified e-learning platform may see advancements in personalized learning paths, augmented reality integration, and enhanced analytics to provide educators with deeper insights into student performance.

The acquisition could also pave the way for potential collaborations with other educational technology companies, creating synergies to offer comprehensive and diverse educational solutions.


Kahoot’s acquisition in a $1.7 billion deal led by Goldman Sachs and joined by Lego and other investors marks a significant milestone for the edtech industry. The platform’s gamified approach to e-learning has transformed education, making it interactive, engaging, and enjoyable for learners of all ages.

With the financial backing and strategic support from Goldman Sachs and Lego, Kahoot is poised to embark on an exciting journey of growth and innovation. As it continues to evolve, the platform will likely play an increasingly vital role in shaping the future of education, empowering both educators and learners worldwide.


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